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5 Ways to Creatively Document Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have its ups and downs but all in all it is a wonderful thing. You are giving life to a human being- and that is definitely something worth documenting! You may find yourself struggling to come up with clever ways to record each milestone let alone have the time to be creative about it— The Band Specialist has your back (in more ways than one)!

We have outlined our Top 5 favorite ways to creatively document your pregnancy below.

  1. Chalkboard Updates: Each week write your progress on the chalkboard along with any other thoughts you may be having. Take a photo next to it each week (or month) to see your progress! This not only reminds you each day of how special your pregnancy is but it makes for a great picture as well!
  2. Email or write to your baby: Whenever you feel the need to talk to your baby write them a note! You can do this by creating an email account for them or handwriting letters. Talk to them, let them know your progress and include funny things that happen throughout your pregnancy. This way when your baby is all grown up they can go back and read exactly how you felt during pregnancy and understand just how special they are to you.
  3. Fruit/Veggie Comparison: This one may sound different but bear with us. As you probably know, during pregnancy the size of your baby is easily and accurately compared to a fruit or vegetable- so why not take pictures each week with one?! Not only is it a great way to show how your baby is growing, but it will also be a fun thing to look back on.
  4. Start a Scrapbook: This may be a little (okay, a LOT) more time consuming than our other suggestions-but you will be glad you did it! Create a scrapbook that documents each week (or month) of your pregnancy. Be as creative as you want! Add in pages of your food cravings, how you decided on a name, when you found out the gender, etc.
  5. The Classic “Bump” Picture: Each week, take a picture in the same pose. You will be amazed by how quickly your belly grows!! After you have your baby, go back to that spot and take a picture with them to complete the series of photos. You can then make a collage of these photos to hang in the house (or the nursery)!

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Do you have any other creative ways to document your pregnancy? Share them with us in a comment below!

Have you already used one of these ideas to document your pregnancy? Post pictures to our Facebook Page!  



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