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Cinch Tummy Wrap™ is a pioneer in bringing the traditional art and science of belly wrapping into a line of pregnancy and postpartum belly bands for today’s modern woman. Each tummy wrap offers the unique ability to fully adjust, and comes complete with a patented design of 360 degrees of even and controlled compression, offering multifunctional uses. Here at Cinch Tummy Wrap, we want to create products and offer services that transform how new moms think about their new bodies not just after baby, but also for a lifetime.

We are dedicated to serving every new mom with the utmost satisfaction during this crucial point in her life. We are here to let her know she can enjoy and thrive during her renewing process. We also provide educational brochures to health care providers to encourage and motivate new moms to get back to a healthy shape naturally and effortlessly.

We want to help moms know the importance of the method as well as the product. It is not only what you use, it is also how you use it, how long you use it and where you use it to achieve ultimate results.


Several years ago, Charlene Williams, a health science professional, mother of three, and creator of the Cinch Tummy Wrap™, developed a revolutionary new approach to the traditional art and science of pregnancy banding. Charlene’s method not only improved her own physical recovery, but greatly impacted her emotional and psychological health as well. Her life-changing experience triggered a passion and desire to share her discovery with other new moms everywhere.

It all started after using a traditional belly banding method during her first pregnancy. She knew the results she personally experienced could help other women transform their own bodies after giving birth. Charlene knew, however, there were a few obstacles to overcome.

First, the longstanding, traditional method of belly banding used during her first pregnancy was too cumbersome and impractical for today’s active, busy mom. Next, Charlene knew that pregnant women needed much more than just another uncomfortable elastic belly band offering little more than an old fashioned corset. Finally, she knew it needed to work seamlessly in a variety of settings, designed with a built-in system that supported the proper traditional method used for a natural and complete pregnancy recovery.

The Cinch Tummy Wrap is born

When Charlene was expecting her second son, Jack, after much research and collaboration with medical experts, Charlene birthed the Cinch Tummy Wrap – a sleek, comfortable modern wrap with a special patented design, fully adjustable and multifunctional, with 360 degrees of even and controlled compression. She also incorporated the step-by-step method for using the band properly for optimum results.

After the Cinch Tummy Wrap came the Atlas 2-IN-1 Belly Band, supportive clothing for new moms, and the Band Specialist pregnancy community where moms find answers, prenatal and postnatal products and support, and so much more.

Years ago, Charlene Williams recognized the need to transform how we approach pregnancy recovery. Today, she’s widely known as the pioneer in the art and science of pregnancy banding products. Now, it’s her desire to assist in supporting the health and natural recovery of new moms everywhere.

Where we are today

Charlene Williams’ Cinch Tummy Wraps and Atlas 2-In-1 bands are sold globally in hospitals, online, and in fine retailers such as Harold’s in the UK and Petit Tresor Esteem (catering to Hollywood Celebrities) in Beverly Hills, California.

Charlene Williams has been invited as an honored speaker at the International Maternity Institute and numerous news media interviews such as ABC, NBC, and CBS News. One of her most recent was a feature story on New Trend for New Moms on Good Morning America.

If you want to find out how to effectively get your body back to a healthy new start after pregnancy, read about Charlene Williams’ step-by-step guide on how to use Cinch and Atlas bands during and after your baby is born.

If you’re a retailer interested in carrying Cinch and Atlas for your customers, please email us at retailers@cirqulate.com.



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