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Doctors Who Recommend Cinch

“I would love to have The Cinch for my patients. I recommend postpartum wraps to my patients on a daily basis. The Cinch is perfect. I will have my nurse Gloria order them for the hospital. If the hospital can’t do it immediately, I will personally use my own money to buy it for the hospital because I know my patients will love it!”  —Dr. Aslam B. (Chief of Ob/Gyn)

“I tried The Cinch, it is very comfortable!!! Supportive!!!!”—Dr. Louise G. (M.D. Ob-GYN)

“Our patient used it postpartum after her third baby – loved it!”—Dr. Cherie B. (M.D. Ob-GYN)

“After 38 years of caring for pregnant women, I have seen so many bellies. Most women after their pregnancy have a hard time losing the baby weight. Their bellies tend to become saggy and have some appearance of stretch marks. On the contrary, I have noticed new moms who bind their bellies after pregnancy tend to have tighter bellies, fewer stretch marks and faster recovery. I have always recommended my patients to wrap their bellies after pregnancy. Many who follow my recommendations have remarkable results. Those who didn’t thought wrapping was too difficult and uncomfortable. Since I found The Cinch postpartum wrap, most of my patients love it. They love its comfort and the results. The Cinch postpartum wrap is an amazing product because it is not only easy and comfortable to wear, but it also motivates new moms to lose their baby weight. The measuring feature on The Cinch wrap literally tells new moms their progress each week. The Cinch definitely will be successful in helping new moms lose weight because they will actually try it and use it. This is a natural and safe way for women to get back to their healthy shape.” —Dr. Connie H., O.M.D., PHD (M.D. Ob-GYN)

Real Moms!

“I’m only 5’2″ so I needed something that I would not have to fold. The Cinch is a perfect fit. It is also very comfortable. It has velcro all the way around and does not stay bended…The size is adjustable, and you only have to buy one item. Instead of two, which was a comment on the other postpartum wrap. Overall, I am quite happy with this product. It has helped me regain my figure and improve my posture.”—E. Ramirez, Amazon customer

“I LOVE LOVE this belt. My belly was really big during my second pregnancy, considering I didn’t get to loose the belly after the first. I have two daughters, I am skinny but for some reason my belly was HUGE during those two pregnancies (especially the second one, as if I had twins). So after the second baby my belly still looked like I was 5 months pregnant after the first baby. When I tried this belt on, it was as if I never had a baby before. I was able to wear my prepregnancy sweaters and cinched shirts. Everyone told me that I had a flatter tummy like it was before the girls.”—Eva, Amazon customer

“I bought this a while back right after I had my baby. It was not painful to wear even after a c section. The Cinch under the Spanx is a PERFECT combo!!!!! I am beyond thrilled with the way it looks. I look like I lost about 20 pounds when I wear it and you can’t tell it’s on!!!!!”—Roxi, Amazon customer

“It works! No more ‘mama belly’ when I wear my jeans! And it’s adjustable so as my belly goes down I can make the band smaller.” —Jenn, Amazon customer

Real Moms talk about Cinch…

 “I finally order The Cinch. I like how adjustable it is…” —K. Sakas, BabyCenter member

“I ordered The Cinch a couple weeks ago and typed in the code “cinchit” and received $12 off. I’m not sure how long the code lasts, but it’s worth a try! I can’t wait to try mine out and I think it is great that it adjusts to your shrinking waist! Another reason I went with The Cinch..the other postpartum wraps didn’t seem to fit such a wide margin and I couldn’t figure out what size to buy. On The Cinch, you can also attach the side panels at an angle so it adjusts perfectly to your curves.” —Cutie NYC, BabyCenter member

“I just got The Cinch, it’s AWESOME! It’s really great quality…it’s easy to adjust and put on, it stays in place nicely (I was worried about that since I have big hips, my measurements prepregnancy were 34-26-40 so stuff like that tends to ride up and scrunch up, but this one doesn’t at all, plus I can even adjust it so the Velcro is a little crooked and therefore makes it wider on the bottom so that’s definitely great for us girls with wide hips and big butts…) The Velcro on the outside lets you adjust it nicely after putting it on, I can sit with it comfortably (makes you sit up nice and straight, lol). I am definitely very happy I spent the money on it.” —Cutie NYC, BabyCenter member

“I personally hardly feel it at all. It’s not like it’s somebody squeezing you or anything, it just nicely tucks everything and gives you a better shape. I hate my muffin top and my tummy where it looks like just flab hanging. Until I’m satisfied with working out results, I’m going to continue to wear The Cinch. It’s breathable too so I find I don’t sweat. I thought it would be really hot and bulky, but it’s not.” —Baby Gaga Forum Member

“Hey ladies, it’s I think around the $90 mark but I didn’t mind buying it since it worked. I thought if I hated it I would give it back, but since I don’t, I wear it almost every day.”—Baby Gaga Forum Member

“I used The Cinch Tummy Wrap. It’s the only adjustable tummy wrap that was designed be a medical professional who understands how a body works. Rather than buying two postpartum wraps, you can buy ONE Cinch and adjust it as you lose your weight. They have a Couture Cinch as well to wear once you are back to work, or out in the world that is slim and lingerie-inspired and can be worn under clothing.”—Rachel

“I also used The Cinch Tummy Wrap and found it a superior alternative to other postpartum wraps on the market, as it offered 360 degrees of support and it really focused on the abdominal section of my stomach by tightening the muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching my waist with double side wings. Not to mention, The Cinch itself is light-weight, comfortable and is designed with excellent moisture control material.

My favorite features (other postpartum wraps on the market do not have these) that truly differentiates this tummy wrap from others on the market are the inner front pocket that allows for a cold/warm or aromatic pack for relaxation and the internal tape measure to track your progress – so I not only felt the results, but I could also see my waistline shrinking!”—Katheryn Zakskorn

“A good while back, I read some really amazing things about The Cinch and since this is my 2nd pregnancy (I’ve heard it’s not as easy for your stomach to “bounce back” as it was after a first pregnancy) I went ahead and ordered one. I got it about a month ago and it’s sitting in my closet ready and waiting.

After I ordered it, I was folding it around myself and suddenly thought, ‘Wait. Could this effect my recovery ….is this safe? Should I be wrapping my middle up so tight so soon after giving birth?? Will this effect the healing process? Will my uterus be able to ‘get back’ into it’s normal position with this thing on?’ and other questions like that. I went online to read about any negatives about such wrapping techniques and if there are any dangers and found some forums where there were midwives claiming that it isn’t good for your body.

Well, we all know that we cannot trust anything we read in forums or any other website where the public posts information and declares that it’s “the truth”, so, I went to my doctor about it.

I described it to her, what you do with it, what it looks like, everything, and asked if it could possibly hurt anything at all. Long answer short, no. She decribed the practices of patients of hers who are Indian and Asian who have been wrapping their waists for centuries and how it cannot hurt the healing of things. She said the only way it could is if you had it wrapped it so tight, where it would be uncomfortable to the point of where you had trouble breathing. I assured her I would not even try to wrap it that tight and she said, ‘Go for it!’

So, my reservations are out the window and I’m looking forward to taking inches off my waist a lot faster after my pregnancy! I plan to start wrapping after getting back home.” —Mothers Click

“I get asked on a daily basis, both online and offline, how I bounced back so fast, and with full term twins to boot. I attribute 5% of it to luck, and 95% to your product ‘The Cinch’, which was bought for me as a gift, by my wonderful husband, (He found you online himself, in the last weeks of my pregnancy). I’m not a celebrity with personal trainers, etc., so that makes it even more impressive to people, so I wanted to write you about this. So many people I meet while I am out, are interested in my story, and knowing what I used. They can’t believe I just had twins, they think I’m the nanny, or a relative. It’s quite funny!” —Michelle

“Thanks for the tips! We have the practice of engaging specialist confinement nannies who look after us and the newborn baby for 1-3 months post-birth and my nanny has been feeding me a steady stream of 2-3 soups every day and I’ve been drinking nothing but a special tea made of red dates and logan and a herb called ‘dang gui’. Its also usual practice not to shower (but I did- couldn’t stand the feeling of being dirty) and when we do, to bathe using some herbal concoction. There’s a Malay massage lady who comes over to do hour-long massages every day to prevent water retention and she’ll start binding me every day as well once the gynae gives the green light.

So besides the fact that I love the packaging and the detailed instructions- I just started wearing the grey Signature Cinch postpartum wrap today as well because my gyno says I’m recovering very well- its now Day 7 post-op and I’m finally able to zip The Cinch as my belly has finally shrunk enough. And can I tell you just how thrilled I am that I look, thanks to The Cinch holding it all in, like I have a waist again?? I was out buying some groceries on day 5 post-op and someone actually asked me if I was pregnant, wanting to sell me a product for pregnant women. My poor husband who was next to me couldn’t have been more horrified. There’s really nothing more depressing than looking pregnant when one is not. That’s actually my favorite part about The Cinch besides the fact that it doesn’t look like a simple product- the fabric looks luxe and the various sections makes one truly feel that one is paying for more than a strip of stretchy cloth.”—Shuming

“I tried The Cinch and it was a lot better than the other postpartum wraps. It actually stayed in place much better. I loved the packaging too, it was very nice. I am using it as part of “How I got my groove back after baby”, I thought I would give it some time. I am going to discuss The Cinch, the exercise DVDs, eating plan, etc.” —Carin

“My boyfriend decided to order me The Cinch as a birthday gift. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that i had already ordered it for myself! 🙁 He was so excited to get it for me because i really wanted it. I ordered The Cinch postpartum wrap on the 25th and it arrived a few days later. I opened it and was so excited! It looks so beautiful! He does not know however that that is The Cinch I ordered for myself. My plan was to get both Cinches in the mail and return the unopened one (the one he had ordered). I think your product looks great and i can’t wait to use it!” —Alex

“The Cinch is firm but flexible and doesn’t roll up. The Cinch is fully adjustable and you can even accommodate wider hips.” —Katie

“I bought one that is short and got warped very easily. I will go for The Cinch.” —Katie

“I ended up ording The Cinch. It seemed to get better reviews.” —UmYusuf

“The Cinch doesn’t roll up. It’s a bit more pricey but seems worth it. I am planning on having more kids so it’s an investment piece for me. So many mothers I know swear by it and they all have great figures. Wish I had known about this before too!!!!” —EDD

“I am leaning towards The Cinch so I don’t have to get more than one.” —EDD

“I just ordered The Cinch yesterday. I‘d been wavering between that and the other famous brand. What ultimately made me choose The Cinch were the complaints about the other brand being particularly uncomfortable for short-waisted ladies. Also, while The Cinch was more expensive, I felt better about the sizing. I’ve heard some comments that an ACE bandage will do the same thing for a lot less money, but at the least I looked at this as an investment. If I only spend $80 for this, and can get back into my old clothes sooner, than I wont be spending a few hundred on a bigger summer wardrobe.” —EDD

“It is a great invention, I can wear it all day long. My belly looks amazing after two kids – no stretch marks.” —Mary, 2 kids, youngest is 1 1/2 years

“I can’t believe my results. It’s easy to use and I can wear it under any clothes.” —Sandy, 5 months post pregnancy

“My friends are jealous of my stomach now! And not only does my stomach look great but it’s also wonderful back support..” —Amy, 2 kids, youngest is 1 year

“My son is 7 months old and I just started to use The Cinch postpartum wrap 3 weeks ago. I lost 2″ from my waist. I was a 33″ and now I am 31″. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. I wear it everywhere I go: I exercise with it and the best part of all is I can even sleep with it.” —Angelica

Expert Reviews


“The Cinch tummy wrap is a great, easy, and inexpensive approach to dress up, more or less, any outfit you have. There are lots of brands, models, designs, colors, and styles to pick from. The ever widening variety of brands and models designed from loads of different fabrics and new materials, including leather, woven, cloth and metal means that women have extra choice than ever before. All women are able to get a plain dress and turn it into eye-catching by adding one plain trendy fashion ornament – a cinch tummy wrap.

This is become a great option if you wish to appear in stylish way and looks slimmer for the day and until some night occasion as well. It will bind your body and therefore it makes your waist looks slim and gorgeous. That will make a significance difference too for the reason that it will suck every fat you have back in there and make your waist appear as thin as it be able to. Pick a design of stunning rhinestones and simple slight dark dress and you will turn out to be all dressed up for a night in the city.

The skin in your mid section is quiet sensitive. This is the reason why you are supposed to select one which made out of soft material like tulle, silk, organza, lace, gauze, or linen. Try out the whole thing that you pay money for. Ensure that it really fits perfectly since if it is too tight you will feel it stiff, so let yourself to get an extra 0.5 to 1 inch loose. In addition, if it is too tight you will have unwanted rolls of surplus weight, swelling and flaws tight and highlighted.

The Cinch is not an excellent option if you have trouble walking or moving, since you will harm your leg or for the reason that you have get to an age when moving around with no support is really painful. Keep in mind that your healthiness is importance more than just a style accessory. It actually can be matched perfectly with any garments like jeans, dress, and skirts. The Cinch will go fine with any fashion of clothes. You are only need to be imaginative with it in matching them with your own dress approach. Needless to say, it versatile to any women clothes.

Accept it as true or not, cinch appears greatly superior on genuine women. These women just love them. Girls who have bigger hips adore them for the reason that they stress waist and make it look like thinner emphasizing breasts, tummy and thighs as well. In addition, it seems to be excellent on the waistline of a thin pencil miniskirt. Lots of women like to be dressed in them dropped to the hip-line. By this approach, they have given the impression of being very sexy.

Last but not least, you have to place some consideration into your dressing to take full advantage of your body curves and diminish your shape imperfections. So, how exactly you do that? Well, wear The Cinch tummy wrap to make the vision of fewer restraint than you have. It will destroy the spread of the body-line forming a false impression of slimness.” —Gary Mane, Ezine Articles Author

“For new moms, losing that baby weight can be a downright challenge, as time for mom flies right out the window as a newborn’s needs take precedence! Between feedings every 2 hours and multiple diaper changes to midnight coos and snuggles – getting that tummy back to its pre-pregnancy shape suddenly doesn’t seem as important. Until about 3 months later, when the fog has lifted and a routine has started to be established. It is then that moms start to look down and say, ‘oh yeah… about that…’

Now there is a revolutionary product available to combat the belly blues – the Couture Cinch! Sleek in design and lingerie-inspired, this patent-pending postpartum stomach wrap tightens the abdominal muscles with a full 360-degrees support. For those moms whose stomach muscles have separated due to pregnancy, this extra support will be very welcome in the weeks after birth. The Couture Cinch features adjustable panels that shrink with your waistline with just a single wrap. No more muffin tops!” —T. Johnson, Lady And The Blog Author

“Like most new moms, after the arrival of your beautiful baby you are on cloud nine with an undeniable sense of love. Until you notice that postpartum bulge.

There’s some help on the way with The Cinch, an abdominal wrap designed to help suck in your midsection and regain your waistline. It’s like a girdle only softer, way more comfy and with just the right amount of support to remind you how to properly hold your core, post-baby. And it works similarly to how Spanx works — seemingly taking off pounds just by wearing the appropriate under-garment.

Simple, adjustable elastic straps allow for the right fit — you can really tighten The Cinch to suck it in a lot, or keep it at modest tension (which still seems to do the trick too). Wear The Cinch while hanging out in the comforts of home or under loose garments (like a dress) during the day. It can go undetected; I tried wearing it at work for a full day and nobody caught on.

It’s made with a nylon-polyester-Spandex fabric that’s lightweight, breathable, and really smooth (no bulk!). It’s not the most comfortable thing to suck in your gut all day with a wrap around your core, but it really does help you retrain your stomach muscles and focus on getting back your pre-pregnancy waistline.” —Amy, Moms&Babies Author, People

“The Cinch is an abdominal wrap that is designed to help you shrink your belly post-pregnancy. It’s beautifully designed and well made. The pros of The Cinch are:

• Adjustable (wide size ranges so you’re not likely to grow out of the one you get even if you loose a bunch of weight). Also includes a built-in measurement guide so you can track your progress over time
• Provides a great support post-pregnancy – including for c-sections; support provided is much more than other products on the market
• Does not fold over at the ends while you are wearing it – stays put
• Includes a pouch which you can use to hold hot or cold packs
• Very cool packaging and nice look” — Comalley, Moms Uncensored Author

“New Moms or moms-2 be this is one product you better be sure to add to your wish list. The Cinch by Cirqulate is an easy way to get your stomach looking flatter faster. The best part? You don’t have to do any work. My son is 10 months old, I tried Cinch out for one week and I swear I can tell a difference.” —Now What Baby

“I LOVE IT. I also love the packaging – you didn’t skimp at all and we love that! You absolutely have our seal.” —OC Mamma

“The Cinch will have post-baby bellies everywhere rejoicing! It is amazingly soft and not itchy at all. What I like most about The Cinch postpartum wrap is that it molds to your body and curves unlike other products that are basically a rectangle. The Cinch actually performs as promised.” —Jolly Mom

“I look so good in my clothes, better than before I was ever pregnant. Overall, the product fit well and left a nice sleek look to whatever I wore. Also, it is easy to adjust if necessary throughout the day.

This is an excellent product with all the details covered. The Cinch offers incredible support in just the right area of your belly after having a baby. I wear it for special occasions and it gives me a waistline that I never could have dreamed about having after children. The support is so great because it goes all the way up the sides so that there are no unslightly folds of skin!

The belt was so comfortable. I have purchased others (cheaper) and I have to say having worn this one…there is no comparison. Sometimes one is wary of spending so much money but I can say with confidence that I would purchase this one in a heartbeat. There is no contest between this one and a cheaper brand I already own. The touch of the fabric, the fit and the durability is much better.” —iParenting Media Reviews

“There’s a retro-trend back to wrapping after pregnancy. The coolest version we’ve seen lately is the Cinch postpartum belly wrap by Cirqulate, whose entire collection is geared toward hiding belly pooge during those awkward postpartum months.” —Stroller Traffic

“If you have recently had a baby (or want the lines of your dress to fall smoothly), try a postpartum belly wrap that helps create curves (while erasing bumps). We love “The Cinch” wrap from Cirqulate, because it not only adjusts to a woman’s shrinking shape (and hold in her belly), but features a measuring system inside that lets new mommas follow their progress after baby.” —Makeover Mama

“People love [the Cinch]. It is more contoured to the female figure that some other products on the market like it…It is narrower in back and wider in front, allowing for a waist and designed specifically to control the portion of your body you want controlled after pregnancy. It is also less bulky than it looks, and doesn’t create a muffin top.” —Sarah Pollack of Mom’s the Word

“The Cinch is a unique patent-pending abdominal wrap design that allows you to regain your healthy waistline naturally and comfortably with a single wrap. The Cinch comes in two sizes, 26-34” or 33-42”. Internal measuring tape to track progress as your tummy sheds baby weight. Front inner pocket feature allows for a warm/cold pack insert. (Size L-XL does not contain the pocket.) Side zipper allows for ease of wear. Elastic bands in the front and back help with extra support. Compact and light. Comfortable enough to be worn for hours at one time.

• 360 degree Support: The only tummy wrap that “Truly focuses on the Tummy” by tightening all the abdominal muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching with double side wings.

• Luxurious Feel: Light Weight and Comfortable. It can be worn day or night

• Adjustable Panels that Shrink with You: Cinch slims with your Waist Line with just One Wrap! Its unique patent pending dual front panels is adjustable to your slimming waistline. You don’t need to get another wrap when you shed the inches.

• Built-In Measurement Guide: so You Can See Your Results.

• Anion Technology For Circulation: Moisture absorbent and breathable inner lining with Anion to promote better circulation.” —Figure 8 Maternity

“This is my favourite (The Cinch)! After trying it, it is by far the most comfortable and most breathable. It is designed to shape to your body as opposed to a rectangular binder being wrapped around you. It is made of a light and breathable fabric, which is much better in warmer climates. The zip up design of The Cinch removes the bulky Velcro look under your clothes, and there is plenty of room for you to shrink and still fit into it. I was able to breastfeed and do everyday movements much more comfortably in this than any of the others. It is a little more complicated to put on, however, if you are willing and able to pay the extra, this is definitely my personal favorite.” —Infant Essentials

“I ordered items for my daughter and had them shipped to her with the gift wrapping and personalized card. When I went to visit her for the birth of the baby, I saw the items. They were a good quality, they fit her perfectly and they were pretty. I was worried that maybe the items wouldn’t be gift wrapped or she wouldn’t receive the card. But she did. That you for getting it right!” —Deborah in Hauser, ID

“Hi Charlene, Wow-from the packaging to the innovative product design, the Cinch is fabulous! This is a winner! As such, we’re happy to offer you The Baby Planners Seal of Approval!” —Baby Planners: Ellie & Melissa

“The Cinch is by far one of the finest product out there. It is unbelievably designed and Cinch is the one of the best ways for women to get back to shape.” —Petite Tresor: Nina & Samanatha Los Angeles, CA

“Cinch is a comfortable way to get back to your pre-baby clothes while you lose weight. Cinch makes a great gift!” —Pregnancy & Newborn: Author Lesley Graham

Testimonial by Facebook Fan Alina

You guys are wonderful and I would highly recommend you to other moms!

“The Atlas band works wonders for my back. My sciatic nerve always bothers me and when I put the band on, it relieves so much of the pain in 30 mins. It is a wonderful creation.” —Ashley

“We are happy to announce Due Maternity Atlanta is now BELLYHAVEN! We are excited to be carrying the Cinch – Good Morning America’s pick for The New Mom.” —BELLYHAVEN

“We LOVE The Cinch and are thrilled to be a part of Cinch Global Retailers.” —Connie (Global Retailer)

“You guys are wonderful and I would highly recommend you to other moms!” —Facebook Fan Alina

Testimonial Video

Ashley is one of the Models in our Video.
She was actually Pregnant during this Video.

Here is Her Very Own Testimonial about Her Atlas 2-in-1 Pregnancy Band Experience.



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