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FAQ for Cinch



1. Is there more than one Cinch band?

Yes! We have two bands in our Cinch line. Our signature Cinch Tummy Wrap designed for use after baby, and the Cinch Couture, our luxurious lingerie-inspired band created for use as daily shapewear. After the baby, we recommend moms (whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy) use our Signature Cinch Tummy Wrap in the early months of recovery. Moms who’ve had their baby more than three to six months use our Couture Cinch.

2. When Do I Start Using Cinch Tummy Wrap?

You can wear the Cinch Tummy Wrap as soon as your baby is born and your doctor has given approval. The Cinch Couture can be worn anytime you need the benefit of luxurious shapewear.

3. How do I know which size is right for me?

The Cinch Tummy Wrap comes in only two sizes: XS–M (26″–34″) & L–XL (33″–42″). Please read the measurements in our sizing chart in order to choose the one that is right for you.

4. How Do I wear Cinch Tummy Wrap properly?

For maximum results and proper support, please watch our ‘How to Use Instructional Video’ for Cinch Tummy Wrap and read Cinch’s Instructional Leaflet inside its package.

5. What is the difference between the Atlas 2-IN-1 Band and Cinch Tummy Wrap?

Atlas 2-IN-1 is our transitional band designed for use during pregnancy and after. It includes a postpartum accessory band to use after baby. The postpartum band doubles as a back support and hip shaper offering 360 degrees of even compression. Atlas 2-IN-1 Band is constructed of durable elastic materials and breathable fabric. When you buy our Atlas 2-IN-1 Band you don’t have to buy another band for postpartum recovery.

Cinch Tummy Wrap and Cinch Couture are chic postpartum wraps with back support and hip shaper. Each are made of luxurious sheer fabric with unique elastic components offering 360 degrees of even compression in a lower profile band. Cinch Tummy Wrap is designed as a postpartum band to support, enhance and tone your body while you regain your healthy shape after baby. Cinch Couture is useful for any time you need low profile elegant shapewear.

6. Can I wear the Cinch Tummy Wrap under my regular clothes?

Yes! Cinch Tummy Wrap bands are designed to seamlessly work with regular clothes. Wear looser fitting clothes for added concealment. For ideas, please visit our Cinch Essential Collections to purchase.

7. How does Cinch Tummy Wrap differ in value compared to other bands?

The Cinch Tummy Wrap and Cinch Couture are both designed to maintain their shape and structure long after other bands give out. Both bands are constructed of the finest material for a luxurious feeling under your clothes. Other bands can be scratchy, uncomfortable, and tend to bunch, pinch, and lose shape. All of our bands, when worn properly, stay in place, offering the shape, comfort, and support you desire.

8. How does the Cinch Tummy Wrap expand and shrink with me?

The Cinch Tummy Wrap allows you to tighten the dual front panels and cinch in the double side wings. These adjustment features, as well as the special fabric construction, will allow Cinch to conform to your changing body.

9. What sizes are available for Cinch Tummy Wrap?

Cinch is available in two sizes: XS–M (26″–34″) and L–XL (33″–42″)

10. How long do I use Cinch Tummy wrap after baby is born?

After your doctor’s approval, you can use the Cinch Tummy Wrap daily for the first eight weeks. For the next three to six months, use it for at least three to four times a week. For long-term use, consider the Cinch Couture for a sleek daily shapewear solution.

11. How do I use Cinch Tummy Wrap as a hip shaper?

At night, you can readjust to fit around your lower abdomen and hips for the first eight weeks after delivery.

12. Does the Cinch Tummy Wrap come with a cold/warm compresses?

Yes! Our Combo Plus Cold/Warm Compress is all-inclusive. The other individual options do not include compresses.

13. Does the Cinch Tummy Wrap roll?

Most people say our bands do not roll if worn correctly. We recommend that you don’t over-tighten for optimum results. When you wear it naturally and comfortably around your waist, our high tech materials form and move with you.


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