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Cinch Tummy Wrap ™


The World’s Only Fully Adjustable Tummy Wrap with Cinch Tension Control™

In a U.S. Scientific Study: The Cinch Tummy Wrap™ is proven to have 360º even compression!  Other wraps simply do not compare – with its full adjustability for every stage of support, and its proven and patented design, the Cinch is the best choice for every mom!

Cinch: Postpartum TUMMY Wrap. What Does It Do?

Helps support, enhance, and tone after natural birth, C-section, or postpartum abdominal surgeries. Features 360° even and controlled compression that is completely adjustable and multifunctional. It’s also a luxurious postpartum belly band with a back support belt, plus hip shaper.

Cinch Post Partum Tummy Wrap was created to assist in in the recovery of your body after pregnancy. As a mother of three, Charlene Williams, the Wrap Specialist, understands the weight dilemma facing new moms after pregnancy. Losing the ‘baby weight’ is about more than our physical appearance; it’s also about fighting obesity, now a national health crisis. With more than 70% of new moms gaining weight after baby, obesity is a serious issue facing families everywhere.

Charlene’s background in health science, and knowledge of traditional belly banding, inspired her to address the staggering obesity trend for new moms. She is known as the pioneer in pregnancy bands with the creation of her signature Cinch Belly Wrap, a groundbreaking modern belly band offering a natural and healthy way to recover from pregnancy.

Cinch Tummy Wrap and Cinch Couture – a new trend for new moms everywhere.

The Cinch Tummy Wrap is a luxurious postpartum pregnancy band designed to support your body after baby and shrinks with you as you lose belly fat. Cinch was designed to help you re-contour your new body and belly so you can tone and sculpt it with ease. Cinch is more than a post pregnancy band; it’s a method of recovery and ongoing maintenance for a healthy figure. Using it along with proper health habits maximizes the long-term effects.



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