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A Note to New Partners Trying the Marination Method

“Your actions can foster an even more beautiful and healthy partner and soulmate — a woman who can grow and prosper with you for years to come” 

Charlene Williams

If you’re a partner to a new mom, you might find the process of welcoming a new life into the world just as scary as it is exciting. Charlene’s seen it herself, across three pregnancies of her own and in watching friends and family prepare to bring a new life into the world: relationships can change. You probably find yourself getting into arguments with your partner that you never had before, especially leading up to and right after a birth. You might find yourself needing the days to be twice as long to get everything done that you need to for your new baby and their mom. It might even feel like your partner looks at you and treats you differently, she says. 

Caring for a new baby is always a little overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean your relationship has to endure so much emotional strain. In fact, partners can and should grow stronger after having a baby. Charlene’s own relationship did. However, for this growth to happen, she says the partner must be as involved in the postpartum recovery process as the new mom. This entails pampering the mom for the full five weeks of rest Charlene calls “Marination” after birth by keeping her warm, nourished, and happy.

Following the principles of the Marination Method™️, you will take care of the new mom as she recovers by giving her massages, preparing a nutritious diet, and making her laugh. Williams says to think of the work you put in now as an investment in your relationship and family success long term — though it might be a sacrifice now, your bond will grow infinitely stronger. 

Pregnancy and childbirth helped Charlene and her husband better understand each other’s needs and communicate them. This is because her husband needed to learn and cater to all of her needs, even if he himself did not understand them. In other words, Charlene’s marriage is so strong because her husband supported Charlene whole-heartedly through a long period of rest, knowing she would spring back stronger afterwards and show her love for him even more.

Think of it another way. The first five weeks after birth set the tone for a new baby’s entire life. Similarly, taking care of the mother so that she can have a loving, stress-free five week recovery period sets the whole family on a path towards health and happiness. Most moms are the anchor for an entire family – and if she is happy and healthy, odds are greater that her family will thrive, too.

After three pregnancies, these are the seven rules that Charlene created to summarize the role of the partner in the Marination Method. Follow them closely, and she says your relationship will bloom: 

  1. Always make sure she feels loved. 
  2. Make her smile and laugh out loud at least five or ten times a day. If she tears up, be the shoulder and chest for her to cry on. Listen to her and let her release her stress. 
  3. Pamper her and give her massages from head to toe at least once a day during the five weeks post-childbirth. (Think of it as foreplay)
  4. Be thankful and grateful every day that all your dreams have come true because this woman, now the mother of your child, is here to be with you for the rest of your life. This new beginning is the birth of your new family. It’s similar to the moment when you first started to get to know each other. This is a brand-new life ahead for the two of you—now turned into three or more. 
  5. Always let her know that she can count on you. Invest in her emotionally, and your return will be a thousand percent when she is ready to get back into the swing of things. Invest in her just like you would invest in your children. The five-week oasis sets the tone for your bright future together. 
  6. Make sure she does not worry, do any work, lift things over 5 lbs, or stress over chores. Keep her warm and comfy. Avoid all cold things. 
  7. Be patient with her, talk to her, and share your joy with her. 

Hopefully, this makes you excited at the opportunity for a more fruitful and thriving relationship with your partner. If you follow the recommendations of the Marination Method™️, you will see the results for yourself!

*Disclaimer: The Marination Method™ is based on Charlene Williams’ own personal experience. All advice comes from Charlene’s own philosophy. As with any medical advice, you should contact your doctor to determine if the Marination Method™ or Cinch Tummy Wrap™ is right for you. 


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