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Baby's First Halloween!

As the costume and candy-filled holiday we call Halloween gets nearer new moms may start to realize that the first Halloween they have with the new baby will definitely be different from those celebrated in the past. Do you dress up your new little one? Do they go trick-or-treating? What happens if you plan to throw a Halloween party? Below we have listed a few tips to make your little one’s first Halloween not so scary.

Dress up. What better way to have a little fun with your little one than by dressing up in costumes! If you are not going trick-or-treating then wear your costumes to the pumpkin patch and show off your adorable get ups! Don’t know what to dress up as? Here are some great ideas from SheKnows.com.

Trick-or-Treat. Taking your little one out at night to trick-or-treat may not be something you want to do, and that’s okay! Instead try going to a Halloween festival or pumpkin patch with your little one during the day. If you have a group of friends with little ones plan a daytime get together—this way your little ones can play with each other and you get some ‘adult’ time as well!

Hand out Candy. For those wanting to stay in with their little one handing out candy is a great way to celebrate the holiday in the comfort of your own home. You and your little one can still dress up and see the trick or treaters without the hassle!

…and of course don’t forget to take pictures!

We hope these tips have helped make this spooky holiday a little less frightening! We would love to see pictures of you and your little one all dressed up—post them to our Facebook page or Tweet us!


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