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Charlene Williams' Vision for Mothers

Charlene Williams comes bearing good news for mothers: you can have it all.

As living proof of this conviction, Charlene Williams aims to empower women to feel confident and fulfilled in all their roles, whether that includes mother, partner, businesswoman, friend, daughter, role model, teacher, leader, and so on.

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As a mother of three, Charlene knows well the adversities faced by new moms as they grow into their new role and work to reach all their goals. In her personal journey, that meant inventing the Cinch Tummy Wrap and the Atlas 2-in-1 Transitional Band to empower new mothers to feel confident, comfortable, and active sooner after giving birth.

Charlene’s mother, an OB/GYN, introduced the historical practice of postpartum wrapping to Charlene when she became a mom for the first time. Wrapping, as traditionally practiced in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, has been proven to help reduce swelling and tighten overstretched muscles in postpartum women for centuries.

Of course, traditional postpartum belly wrapping—usually practiced with rudimentary bands of cloth—is not without its limitations. Charlene experienced these limitations firsthand as her husband and mother struggled to wrap her each day in the traditional style.

Charlene set out to invent a modern postpartum wrap for modern mothers with modern lifestyles, and the Cinch Tummy Wrap was born. The only scientifically supported postpartum wrap on the market, Charlene designed the Cinch—and later, the Atlas 2-in-1 Transitional Band with her own experiences in mind.

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These revolutionary products are made to transform your body. The Cinch is a luxury postpartum wrap worn directly on a new mom’s skin. It includes a built-in measurement guide so new moms can track their progress as they “cinch” smaller and smaller. The Atlas, meanwhile, is the only 2-in-1 band that transitions from a maternity support band into a postpartum wrap.

Learn more about all these products, as well as Charlene’s Cinch Essentials Collection and Cirqulate Active apparel collections on TheBandSpecialist.com.


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