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Charlene Williams Discusses Best Post Pregnancy Wrapping Methods

Easy Steps to Cinch Tummy Wrap

2 Great Reasons to Wrap Your Tummy After Birth

Nine months of love and nurture inside your tummy, using muscles and tendons you rarely think of outside of pregnancy, have produced your Bundle of Joy. Now comes healing and restoration. Your body has just completed an amazingly beautiful feat. It was hard work for your body, but it was a miracle, and now you need to help your body heal.

Mothers Everywhere Have Healed This Way

Tummy wrapping as a postpartum practice is ageless, found in all our major cultures. Each culture’s pregnancy tummy wrap method may have differed in small ways, but the idea was the same: To help those muscles and tendons heal and return somewhat to normal. Learning how to use a tummy wrap is simple, and here are two great reasons why you should:

  1. A Faster Return to Your Pre-Baby Shape

    It took nine months for your tummy to stretch enough so that your baby could be supported. It’s so important to give your tummy just as much time to rebound. Tummy wraps hug and supports you gently, holding in your shape and moving with your body as you move.

  2. Help with Soothing and Relieving Postpartum Cramps

    One thing people often forget to tell new moms is that you still experience cramping after birth. Unfortunately, these cramps are sometimes very uncomfortable and severe at first. The comforting snugness of the tummy wrap helps relieve the pain and discomfort thanks to the pressure and support it provides as you heal.

How to Use Your Tummy Wrap

When it comes to using your Cinch Tummy Wrap, there are 6 simple steps:

  1. After taking it out of the packaging, lay it on a flat surface, and open the front panel.
  2. Set your current waist size by adjusting the L&R Velcro panels to the top
  3. Zip the wrap up on your right side around the narrowest part of your waist
  4. Center your wrap and adjust it around your belly, targeting your belly button/lower tummy area
  5. Stretch the twin elastic wings on either side and fasten them to the back of your tummy wrap
  6. Smooth down the wrap for a smooth and fitted look

If you plan to use your tummy wrap for hip shaping while sleeping, you will want to lower it down over your lower abdomen and hip area. Once you start noticing yourself shrink, just readjust using the steps above!

Cinch Tummy Wrap also features an inner layer against skin, which has anion technology to help improve circulation and fasten healing.

How Long After Giving Birth Can Your Tummy Wraps Be Used?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “how long can I wear my tummy wrap?” Well, depending on your personal goals, you can wear it for a few weeks, months or even every day.

  • Weeks 1 – 3 Postpartum: Wear the wrap around your waist during the day, then lower it around your hips for the evening.
  • Week 4 – 3 Months Postpartum: You can choose to wear your wrap a little tighter now, allowing it to help you move towards your previous waist circumference. It is recommended that you reduce your time wearing the wrap to no more than 8 hours a day.
  • 3 – 6 Months: Now you can average 4 – 6 hours a day, using your tummy wrap to help strengthen your core.
  • 7 Months and Beyond: You should start reducing your use at this point. However, it can still prove beneficial if you require some extra back support or for a carefully supervised health and wellness routine to help improve your shape even further. While this wrap can be used daily, it is highly suggested that you give your body some breathing room and remove it for baths/showers and general periods of rest.

Can You Wear it Every Day? Yes!

Cinch Tummy Wrap is meant to be a comfortable undergarment, and as such, the fit is meant to be snug and supportive, to move with you as you complete daily tasks, and to just be a supportive part of your wardrobe.

Caring for your tummy wrap is as simple as hand washing it in temped water with a mild detergent and laying it out flat to dry.

Tummy Wraps should take you a long way towards getting you closer to your personal goals for your body, helping you feel good about your busy new life with your precious little one! Interested in a wrap of your own? Shop our collection now.


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