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How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Belly Band for You

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Experiencing the joys of Motherhood can be an exciting time. New Moms often experience a complete lifestyle change when priorities begin to shift to focusing on supporting the needs your bundle of joy. This includes care at all hours, washing clothes, feeding, bathing and more. The rewards of Motherhood are undeniable, but many Moms quickly realize with this lifestyle change, there is little time for self care. Pregnancy belly bands help transform how new moms feel about their new bodies not just after baby, but for a lifetime. They can assist in supporting the health and natural recovery of new moms everywhere. The best part is, they are easy to wear. They are ‘set and forget’ additions to your daily routine and do not interfere with your busy lifestyle. This means you can spend your time supporting your child, while Cinch Tummy Wrap focuses on supporting you. 

There are a number of different pregnancy belly band products, and they all offer different benefits. The Cinch Tummy Wrap, and Altas Wrap feature Cinch Tension Control™ that offers 360º compression and is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and support.  Our method is similar to wearing braces, you can continually adjust as your shape changes. You just need one wrap to get back to your original size.

The Cinch Tummy Wrap is meant to be used after pregnancy, while the Atlas Duo Wrap can be used to support you throughout your pregnancy, as well as after with its postpartum transitional postpartum band.


The Cinch Belly Band

The Cinch Tummy Wrap Brand is about more than feeling great as your body recovers from childbirth; it is also about keeping you comfortable as your body changes back to your form after pregnancy. 

It helps support-enhance-tone  your body after natural childbirth and helps your body to recover. It also works as a postpartum belly band with back support band and hip shaper. 


The Atlas Belly Band

The Atlas Duo Wrap helps to uplift and support your growing belly while providing confidence you should have as a new mom or mom-to-be. The Atlas 2-in-1 Band is the only wrap that starts out as a maternity support band and then transitions into a postpartum belt wrap throughout the duration of the recovery period. It helps to support moms while toning the torso after childbirth. The Atlas cinch belly band provides 360-degree compression to help alleviate any uncomfortable spots.

Many pregnant women continue to exercise throughout their pregnancy in order to stay in shape, and the Atlas belly band allows them to do that, and help with comfort.

Atlas belly bands have the feature that allows you to transition from a pregnancy band both during and after pregnancy. The Atlas belly band will lift and support your growing belly during pregnancy to help improve circulation, and help minimize the effect of stretching skin and muscles. 


Recover Faster From a C-Section

Having a c-section can mean a much longer recovery period, but it doesn’t have to be entirely unpleasant. With the C-Section Tummy Wrap, it is a much easier road to recovery. The c-section belt band has a convenient front pocket for a cold or warm compress which can help in aiding pain and can also help to reduce cramping as well as improve circulation. It is comfortable to wear, and it is made of breathable material so it can be worn for multiple hours.

Cinch Tummy Wrap is recommended highly by Ob-Gyn Doctors.


Why it’s Unique

The Cinch and Atlas wraps are the only pregnancy belly bands that offers a place to keep a cold or warm compress so that you can get maximum comfort throughout the day at work, at home, or while running errands. 


No matter the stage of your pregnancy or postpartum journey, Cinch and Atlas belly band products are a comfortable type of shapewear that you can wear any time of the day and will stay in place no matter how much you move around. You can simply put it on and forget about it without having to readjust it every couple of minutes. Our bands are made of a high-quality elastic material that is breathable to help you stay comfortable no matter how active you are throughout the day. They zip up with ease and even has a dual ended opening. They have a hip shaper features and has a measurement feature so you can see your progress. Cinch belly band products also includes a handy pocket for a cold or warm compress that you can use to stay comfortable. It also will not lose its shape with frequent use so you can use it for as long as you need it without having to replace it.


Why You Need One

Belly bands are affordable and help moms to transition after childbirth. They are a tool that many moms use to help get their bodies back while they stay actively recovering. Cinch Tummy Wrap products provides long-lasting benefits as well as short-term benefits. By wearing our Cinch products,  you are helping to reduce stretch marks, minimize stretched skin and muscles, and improve circulation while staying comfortable in your own skin.

Belly bands are perfect if you are working out, running errands, or whether you just want some extra support. It helps to keep mom comfortable, so it is easier to focus on baby, and the needs of a newborn. Belly band products are an ideal way to combat pain and to help mom be happy in her own skin. It will provide tension relief while helping your body get back to its shape naturally.

Shop our collection today. 


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