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Dressing Your Baby Bump for Halloween

Before you know it, you’ll be dressing your soon-to-come little one as the cutest ghoul or witch in town, but for now, it’s almost Halloween—and you’ve got a pregnant tummy that may not fit inside many of the season’s popular costumes!

Instead of trying to conceal your bump, embrace it with one of these scene-stealing Halloween costumes, perfect for expecting mothers with an exceptional sense of humor. (If you try one of them out, be sure to share a photo with the Band Specialist on Facebook!)

Britney Spears

No, we’re not talking Britney’s voluptuous snake-tamer outfit! We mean Britney’s loveable, pregnancy-proud look, starring her Golden Ticket tank. You can either DIY the “I have the Golden Ticket” top or purchase one online, but tousled locks and a golden skirt complete the celeb look.

Pregnant Britney Spears' "I Have The Golden Ticket" Look

Photo credit: people.com

Pregnant Skeleton

Skeleton-themed costumes are a Halloween classic. Take it to the next level with this pregnant skeleton appliqué. It irons neatly onto a black t-shirt, with a cute nod to your bundle of joy at the bottom of the shirt. The iron-on is available on Etsy.

Pregnant Skeleton is a Halloween Classic for Moms-To-Be

Chef and Bun in the Oven

This costume is reserved only for the homemade-costume types—and for ladies who really want to showcase their bumps! Dress your significant other as a chef, and create an “oven” out of a cardboard box for yourself. Then, paint a “bun” design on your belly for a clever couple costume.

A Literal Bun in the Oven Costume Is a Party Hit!

Photo Credit: costume-works.com

Basketball Belly

Another one for the moms who don’t mind showing some festive Halloween skin, this basketball belly costume simply requires some face paint from the Halloween section of the grocery store and a paintbrush! It may be a bit difficult to paint your own bump, so we recommend having an artistically-minded friend or significant other help you with your basketball. You can also wear your favorite team’s jersey instead of a t-shirt for maximum team pride.

  Disguise Your Baby Bump as a Basketball

Photo Credit: deceptology.com

Solar System and Galileo

Rope in your Galileo, and shoot for the stars in this simply scientific Halloween wear. Hang a few pertinent planets with some clear string from the arm-sleeves of a plain black shirt, and then adorn your belly with a cheerful sunshine.

Dress that Baby Bump as the Sun and Be the Solar System!

Photo courtesy of modernkiddo.com

No matter how you dress that bump this Halloween, enjoy being creative and having fun with it, because it’s not every year that you can pull off these looks. And if the costume allows it, wear an Atlas 2-in-1 Maternity Band to support your pregnant belly while you’re out showing off your costume this Halloween.


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