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Fun Fall Festivities

Happy Fall everyone! October is just around the corner and you may start to notice the festivities are beginning to ramp up. Harvest festival reminders are in the newsletter and class parties, pumpkin patches and trick or treating is in the very near future. For new moms it may be tough to decipher which fall festivities are appropriate for your little one (babies may not be expert pumpkin carvers), and for the seasoned pros it can be difficult to appease your older kids while still including their new little sibling. At Cinch Tummy Wrap we want to make this fall stress-free and fun, so we have included a few ways to make this season a memorable one!

The Pumpkin Patch. A classic fall activity, the pumpkin patch is a great way to get the whole family involved in the festivities. Perfect for families with multiple ages and newborns alike, the pumpkin patch provides a lovely area for family photos as well as a great hands-on activity for your little one. Have the older kids pick out their favorite pumpkin while you help your little one choose a small one!

Fall Festivals. Another classic, the Fall Festival is wonderful for a family outing. Hosted by your own community, festivals have activities perfect for all ages. The older ones can get their faces painted and bob for apples while your little one can enjoy finger painting. (Bonus: you can dress up the whole family in costumes and bask in the ooh’s and aah’s your little one gets).

Halloween Costumes. For those with more than one little one, you already know the hype that surrounds this candy-filled Holiday, which is why you should start planning now! Figure out what your little ones want to be for Halloween (try looking on Pinterest for some great ideas) and get started on making (or searching for) their costume.

Pumpkin Carving and Coloring. Every fall home needs a few pumpkins on their doorstep! If you have toddlers or older children have them carve their own pumpkin (with Mom and Dad’s help of course). Try these fun templates from Better Homes and Gardens. For those with new little ones, you can have them Pumpkin Color rather than carve! Print out a picture of a pumpkin and let them finger paint or color it with crayons and for a more hands-on activity have them paint a little pumpkin!

We hope these ideas have given you a little insight to making the most of the fall with your family! Be sure to keep an eye out for our next post which will detail out a few tips for trick or treating on the big night! Do you have any ideas for Fall fun with your little one? Share them with us below!

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