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Have the Best Baby Shower Ever!

Next to weird food cravings and swollen feet, a baby shower is one of the more desirable side effects of pregnancy. Dreams of diaper cakes and baby games flood your mind, but when it comes to the actual planning you might start to feel a little nauseous (or that could be the morning sickness). Whether you are throwing this soiree solo or have a right hand woman to help you host, throwing a baby shower takes a lot of thought.

What theme will you have? What will the invites look like? What kind of appetizers will you be serving?

All of these are valid questions—and if you don’t know the answers yet that’s okay! The Band Specialist has you covered. Below are a few tips and ideas we found to be very useful when planning a baby shower.

Pick a theme. What is a baby shower without a theme? This may seem tough to decide but trust us, after this everything else will fall into place. Some popular themes are of course, “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” but don’t be afraid to mix it up! Decided to wait on learning the gender of your little one? Why not have a gender-reveal party! Martha Stewart also has some lovely ideas for Baby Shower themes, check them out here.

Send out Invitations. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a party is not as much fun when the guests don’t show up. When it comes to invitations creativity is key! Sure it is easy to simply e-vite your friends list on your computer, but an actual paper invitation gives it a more personal touch. For some great tips on an invitation for every theme from Real Simple, click here.

Decorate. Channel your inner party planner and let your creativity run free! The easiest way to come up with decoration ideas is to follow your theme. Having a guest book where guests write notes to your and your little one is also a great idea and a wonderful keepsake! Still stumped? Check out these décor ideas from Parenting Squad. Don’t forget the party favors!

Play Games. Get the party going with some fun baby-themed games! Classic favorites include: Baby Food Guessing Game, Baby Bingo and a Diaper Race! We love these ideas from Parenting.com!

**Stumped on what to ask for as a shower gift or don’t know what to get the mother-to-be for her shower? We recommend the Cinch or Atlas Band!

We wish you the best of luck in planning your Baby Shower and know it will be a success!

Do you have more tips on planning a shower? Share them with us by commenting below!

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