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Make Healthy Snacking Fun!

As a new mom you may worry about many things, your child’s nutrition being at the top of that list. In today’s world it may be hard to abide by all of the rules of infant and child nutrition, not to mention actually getting your little one to like the food. As always, Cinch Tummy Wrap has your back! We have listed a few of our favorite (and healthy) snacking tips that will make healthy food fun and have your little one eating happily in no time!

Make it together! Try making healthy food fun by actually making it together! Gather the ingredients and have a chef day with your little one. This way not only can you give them a great hands on activity, but they can learn about healthy food while they do it! (Plus, just try and stop them from eating their own creation). Here are some great ideas from Country Living!


Get Creative. Sometimes kids don’t want to eat healthy food because, well, it looks healthy. Try making their food look fun so they want to eat it! Try making a veggie butterfly, safari snack or a robot treat.


Make it mini. Larger portions may make kids feel like their food was meant for adults, making it not so appealing to eat—to fix this try making your favorite healthy meals bite size (or rather, kid-size) to ensure a clean plate at the end of the night. Try these ideas from Cooking Light.


We hope your little one enjoys eating their healthy meals with these tips! Do you have any tips or tricks to getting kids to eat healthy? Share them with us below!

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