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Pink or Blue?

The moment when a parent finds out the gender of her baby is a special occasion, so why not celebrate it with a gender reveal party! This party theme has become a celebration staple in the pregnancy world, and there are so many amazing ideas out there you might find it hard to choose! We have listed our favorites below.

Gender Reveal Ideas:

Balloon Release: The balloon release is a classic way of letting your guests know the gender of your newest addition and it’s easy to prepare! Simply decorate a box in both blue and pink colors and fill it with balloons the color of your babies gender—Blue for boys, Pink for girls. When it’s time for the reveal, open the box and the colored balloons will fly out revealing your babies’ gender!  This can either be done at a party in front of your guests or just with you and your partner (and a photographer of course)!

Cake Reveal: What better way to reveal the gender of your baby than with dessert! Simply bake (or order) a blue or pink cake and cover it with your favorite icing. Your guests will be in for a sweet surprise when it’s time to cut the cake!

Make it a Game: Your friends are already betting on the gender of your baby so why not get in on the fun! Have two bowls (one labeled “Girl” and one labeled “Boy”) set up where guests will be walking in and ask them to write their name on a slip of paper and place it in the bowl they think is your babies’ gender. When the gender is revealed, randomly draw a name from the winning bowl to see who wins a prize!

What Gender Reveal ideas do you have?  Share them with us below!

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