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Postpartum Healing: Momma Moon Plan

Charlene Williams, the inventor of the Band Specialist’s range of maternity and postpartum healing products, is a mother to three children. Through her ample experiences as a mother—and mother-to-be—she has developed a crazy idea about postpartum healing that should be shared.

Called the ‘momma moon plan,’ Charlene believes that new mothers should enjoy some rest and relaxation after giving birth. Much like a newly married couple taking a honeymoon, Charlene believes new moms deserve a momma moon.

Postpartum Healing: "The Momma Moon Plan"

Photo courtesy of openarmsmidwifery.com

New mother’s bodies spend nine month nurturing a new life, so why not take 30 days after giving birth to focus on healing? Charlene believes family should pitch in and let the momma moon run its course.

The psychological benefits of this plan are clear, but rest and relaxation have great benefits for physical postpartum healing—and weight loss—as well. Charlene explains: “Right after birth is the window of opportunity to restore your health. Take care of yourself and love yourself like you love your baby.”

With the help of the Band Specialist’s Cinch Tummy Wrap’s postpartum compression, momma will be looking and feeling like the vibrant, new mother she is in no time.





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