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Postpartum Work Outs!

Postpartum mothers may feel a bit sluggish after going through nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. They want their pre-pregnancy bodies back and they know they need to be active to achieve their baby weight loss goals, but it’s understandably difficult to get motivated to get back in the gym, especially when pre-pregnancy workout gear no longer fits.

New moms need new workout gear that fits and caters to their postpartum bodies, but economically, it’s important to invest in clothing that can be used long after the baby weight is gone and their pre-baby body is back. Charlene Williams, the Band Specialist, designed the Circulate Active line with her own postpartum workout needs in mind, and the following five features set her postpartum active wearline apart from the rest:

postpartum active wear for postpartum workouts

  1. Rolls Control: Reinforced paneling in problem areas help new moms feel confident getting back in the gym.
  2. Power Mesh: The material used in the Cirqulate Active is engineered to compress, contour, and smooth the body.
  3. Tailoring: The Cirqulate Active line is specially tailored to flatter a new mom’s shape.
  4. Adjustable Waist: Each piece features Charlene’s adjustability feature called the Cinchette. Like the Cinch Atlas Band, the Cirqulate Active line will shrink with you.
  5. Special Moisture Absorption: Charlene’s Active is designed with waterproof material in targeted areas to contain postpartum leakage.

Although designed as postpartum active wear, many of these features are great for women in general—after they’ve regained their pre-pregnancy bodies. The stretchy, spandex nature of Cirqulate Active lends itself to prolonged use, even after mom’s back in shape and looking better than ever! For a limited time only, receive 25% off orders from TheBandSpecialist.com on Cirqulate Active and Cinch Essentials! Use the promo code: TBSCA10825 What helps motivate you to get to the gym? 


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