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Rainy Day Fun!

There’s something about a rainy day during the summer that makes everything seem less fun. It also means that the kids will be inside rather than outside and for experienced and new moms alike this can mean trouble. What can the kids play inside that doesn’t include throwing and kicking balls or running around? How can you make sure they still have just as much fun and stay just as active as they would in the sun?  At Cinch Tummy Wrap we want your little ones to get the most out of their days! Try a few of the below activities to beat the rainy day blues.


Build a tent. This is a classic when it comes to rainy days! Let your little one’s imagination run free as they build their own tent. Use the couch as a backdrop or hang a sheet over the kitchen table for a quick and easy tent! Once built, make some s’mores or a healthy snack for you two to have a ‘camping trip’ inside!

Bake something. What better way to spend time with your little one inside than making delicious cookies! This provides a great learning opportunity for your little one and is a great way for you to bond with them. Make it fun by wearing chef hats or aprons and put on a cooking show! The best part is after baking, you can enjoy a yummy treat!

Have an under the sea adventure. It may be raining outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming inside! Fill the bathtub and have a scuba session or undersea treasure hunt! If your little one doesn’t like going underwater try having a fun bubble bath instead. Don’t forget the rubber ducky!
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