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So You Had a C-Section...

The number of women who have C-Sections has increased over the years, and we can only hope that their recovery post-C-Section is quick and painless!  Our products can help!

Many new moms wonder which of our belly bands is better to use for their post C-Section Belly, so keep reading and the answer will be clear!

Founder Charlene Williams recommends that new moms use the Cinch Signature Wrap as it has a front pocket for cold/warm compress to help soothe the aching belly post C-Section as well as reduce cramping and increase circulation.

The Cinch is made out of soft, luxurious sheer lining and breathable fabric so skin can breathe easy and comfortably. The inner lining of the Cinch features anion technology that stimulates circulation and speeds up the healing process for belly support post C-Section. The Cinch takes care of the swelling, muscle aches, tissue healing and back aches so new moms can nurse and care for their newborn.

Ninety-nine percent of the Ob-Gyn doctors that Charlene Williams has met over the years have loved and endorsed the Cinch Signature Wrap as their Number One belly band choice for patients post C-Section.

What makes The Band Specialist Cinch and Atlas Bands so unique?

  • 360 degrees of even and controlled compression (Only ones in the market!)
  • Fully Adjustable and Breathable
  • Shaped to contour a woman’s curves
  • Allow new moms to control the tension needed for recovery and beyond

Doctors agree that right after a C-Section, women should only use minimal compression as well as have a breathable band to help heal the wound.

Dr. Keren Lerner, MD, MP of Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates recently stated that,

“Many of my patients exercise routinely during pregnancy and understand the importance of feeling healthy throughout their pregnancy. In addition, most care about how they can get back into shape postpartum. I believe that the Band Specialist products are a great tool in assisting new moms to reach their goal. In the third trimester of pregnancy – when the fetus is gaining the most weight and women are at their heaviest – there is often more back pain and pelvic discomfort that limits some women in achieving their exercise goals. The Atlas band helps give safe support so that the stress to the body is minimized. I have patients that were able to go for the hike that they wanted to with the assistance of the Atlas. Another great feature is that a heat pack or ice pack can fit in the rear portion of the band if a patient is having more discomfort in that region.”

In the postpartum period, the Cinch band as well as the atlas gives additional abdominal support to the weakened rectus abdominal muscles. Many new moms comment that it helps give them the support they feel they need. In particular, the c -section patients, who are advised to not work out for several weeks, rely on the bands to help in their recovery.”

Have you or a friend ever had a C-Section? Did you use a Band Specialist product to help your recovery? Comment below and share your story!



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