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5 Best Mobile Apps for Pregnancy Peace of Mind

With pregnancy, come many questions—especially for first time mothers-to-be who experience everything for the first time. With something as precious and important as pregnancy, reassurance and guidance are vitally important for many new moms.

Best Mobile Apps for Pregnancy, Especially First Time Mothers-To-Be

Photo credit: essentialbaby.com.au

So where can an uncertain mom-to-be turn when she doesn’t want to bother a doctor or fellow mother? A list of useful mobile apps for pregnancy follow:

  1. Get Pregnant: As the name indicates, this app is for those just trying to begin the journey of pregnancy. This app will tell an aspiring mom when she is ovulating, so she can optimize her chances of getting pregnant.
  2. Pregnancy++: With the input of healthcare professionals, this app progresses with moms-to-be through their pregnancy, tracking progress and giving tips.
  3. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant: This app lists and categorizes foods that pregnant women should avoid. The list is rather long, so this is a good app to have!
  4. Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer: Not just a time, this app tracks the times, duration, and frequency of the contractions throughout labor. Additionally, it enables users to easily email its records to a healthcare professional.
  5. Baby Nursing / Breast Feeding: Just because the baby (or babies) is born does not mean the questions cease. This app helps new moms who choose to nurse their baby keep track of feedings and track nursing progress.

These apps are essentials for pregnancy peace of mind. Likewise, the Band Specialist’s range of products help moms-to-be feel better physically, mentally, and psychologically.

The Atlas 2-in-1 Transitional band, for instance, can be used in the third trimester to support the ever-growing belly, to reduce swelling, and to enhance circulation. It then transitions in to a postpartum compression band to help mom regain her pre-pregnancy body.

How did you maintain peace of mind during pregnancy? Share your story in the comments below! 


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