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Winter Weather with Baby

Winter is filled with many great things—cute winter baby clothes, making snowmen, hot chocolate and ice skating just to name a few! One of the not-so-great things? The weather. Many of you new mommies may have many questions about keeping your baby warm, how long they can be outside and what you need to look out for in terms of their health. Not to worry, Cinch Tummy Wrap has you covered! See a few of our tips below.

When It Comes To….

Going Outside. According Parents.com, “Kids younger than 2 are more susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite” and recommend that, “when in doubt, stay in, particularly if your child is under 6 months.”

Staying Warm While They Sleep. Make sure your little one has lots of blankets and is dressed in warm clothing (Onesies work great)! If they still seem to be cold, put a cotton cap on them. Be sure to check on them and make sure your baby isn’t too cold or too warm.

Dry Skin. You may notice that your skin is a little dry in the winter, and your babies is no different. When going out into the cold, be sure your little one is protected with a lotion (Vaseline) or cream so they don’t get chapped!

Do you have any tips on keeping babies warm in the Winter? Comment below!


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