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Your First Family Vacation!

Summertime is just around the corner and you are probably ready to get out of the house and in vacation mode but remember, this vacation comes with a little extra planning. Your first family vacation is something you will remember forever and we want you to get the most out of it! Whether you are planning a local beach trip or a vacation abroad, as a new mother planning a trip with a baby in mind can seem overwhelming. Did you pack enough diapers? Formula? Clothing? What about sunblock and beachwear? What vacation spots are baby-friendly? Take a deep breath and let us help you out.

Here are 4 baby-friendly travel tips that will help you get things started.

4 Ways to Have a Fun-Filled Family Vacation


  1. Pick a Baby-Friendly Destination. When deciding on a destination, keep in mind what type of crowd tends to frequent that spot. Panama City may not be the best place to bring a baby, but a Disneyworld Resort, fun cruise or even just a staycation at a local beach house would be great (many places have daycare services that provide you and your partner some alone time)! Here are some lovely ideas from Parenting.com.
  2. Charge your batteries. Nothing is worse than having your phone or camera battery die right when the picture perfect moment of your little one playing on the beach comes up. Yes, quality family time (without technology) is important, but having pictures to remember your babies’ first vacation isn’t bad to have around. 🙂
  3. Plan for your travel-type. Are you flying, driving, boating or taking the train? These all have different planning methods and with a baby you need to be prepared. Take into account the time it will take to get to your destination (Airport security, switching trains, taxi’s, etc.) and pack enough snacks and diapers to last your little one the whole way. Don’t forget the toys!
  4. Don’t Stress! This is a vacation—a time to be free from all stress and to relax, so don’t overthink things and just go with the flow.Forget to pack diapers? Just go to the store and pick up some more. Is it raining the day you planned to spend on the beach? No worries!  Just move the activities inside- as long as you are with your family it will be fun!


We hope these tips help you relax a little more when it comes to planning your first Family Vacation. If you have any more tips or baby-friendly destination recommendations please comment below!

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