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Valentine’s Day with Baby!·February 14th, 2014

Hello lovelies! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today usually consists of fun, flowers, maybe a romantic dinner (and don’t forget CHOCOLATE) – but what happens when you are a new mommy or mom-to-be? No worries, we can help! For the Mom-To-Be Depending on where you are in pregnancy, Valentine’s Day can mean a nice romantic dinner where… Read More »

Postpartum Work Outs·December 5th, 2012

Postpartum mothers may feel a bit sluggish after going through nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. They want their pre-pregnancy bodies back and they know they need to be active to achieve their baby weight loss goals, but it’s understandably difficult to get motivated to get back in the gym, especially when pre-pregnancy workout… Read More »

Five Tactics to Improve Memory After Pregnancy·November 27th, 2012

After giving birth, you’ve got a million things to think about. Who has time for forgetfulness? Whether you call it momnesia or pregnancy brain, that pesky postpartum forgetfulness is actually very common. One study shows that hormonal changes could be the reason for momnesia, while others chalk it up to lack of sleep and stress.… Read More »

Band Specialist, Charlene Williams’ Vision for Mothers·November 20th, 2012

Charlene Williams comes bearing good news for mothers: you can have it all. As living proof of this conviction, Charlene Williams aims to empower women to feel confident and fulfilled in all their roles, whether that includes mother, partner, businesswoman, friend, daughter, role model, teacher, leader, and so on. As a mother of three, Charlene… Read More »

The Band Specialist Shopping Spree Sweeps·November 19th, 2012

To reward our loyal fans and their favorite Band Specialist retailers, we’re giving away a $350 shopping spree. All you have to do is vote for your favorite Band Specialist retailer to enter for your chance to win. The entry form can be found by clicking: Band Specialist Shopping Spree Sweeps, the banner below, or… Read More »

Baby Names: A Few Ideas for Choosing the Right Baby Name·November 5th, 2012

Picking baby’s name is one of the most fun—and most difficult—decisions you’ll ever make. Names are important. A name belongs to an individual and is part of their identity. You may not want your unborn child’s name to be too common, so they have to write out their last name all through elementary school just… Read More »

Tour the New & Improved Band Specialist Website·October 29th, 2012

We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce the all-new Band Specialist website. More intuitive and user-friendly, the new TheBandSpecialist.com clearly outlines the numerous benefits of postpartum wrapping, giving an detailed history of postpartum wrapping in various cultures around the world, and explains the science behind postpartum wrapping and why the Band Specialist’s postpartum wraps are… Read More »

Postpartum Healing: The Band Specialist’s Momma Moon Plan·October 22nd, 2012

Charlene Williams, the inventor of the Band Specialist’s range of maternity and postpartum healing products, is a mother to three children. Through her ample experiences as a mother—and mother-to-be—she has developed a crazy idea about postpartum healing that should be shared. Called the ‘momma moon plan,’ Charlene believes that new mothers should enjoy some rest… Read More »


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