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Pink or Blue? How to throw a Baby Gender Reveal Party·June 9th, 2014

The moment when a parent finds out the gender of her baby is a special occasion, so why not celebrate it with a gender reveal party! This party theme has become a celebration staple in the pregnancy world, and there are so many amazing ideas out there you might find it hard to choose! We… Read More »

Your First Family Vacation!·May 22nd, 2014

Summertime is just around the corner and you are probably ready to get out of the house and in vacation mode but remember, this vacation comes with a little extra planning. Your first family vacation is something you will remember forever and we want you to get the most out of it! Whether you are… Read More »

Mother’s Day for First Time Mommies·May 12th, 2014

Mother’s Day was this past weekend, and for new moms (or soon-to-be moms) this holiday may have been a little confusing. Do you celebrate even if you are still pregnant? How do you celebrate if you have a newborn? What do moms really do on Mother’s Day? At Cinch Tummy Wrap we think every day… Read More »

Fitness can be FUN! (Even for New Mommies)·April 28th, 2014

Being a new mom your mind is filled with all things baby- so much so that you may forget to think about yourself every once in a while.  What you need to remember is that in order to be the best mom we all know you are, you must take care of your baby, but… Read More »

Have a “Hoppy” Easter with your Little One!·April 11th, 2014

Easter is just around the corner, and as a new (or soon-to-be new) mommy, you may be wondering how to make it your babies best Easter yet! Sure, you may have Easter eggs and a basket- but how do you get your little one engaged in all the festivities? Babies can’t exactly dye their own… Read More »

Have the Best Baby Shower Ever!·March 27th, 2014

Next to weird food cravings and swollen feet, a baby shower is one of the more desirable side effects of pregnancy. Dreams of diaper cakes and baby games flood your mind, but when it comes to the actual planning you might start to feel a little nauseous (or that could be the morning sickness). Whether… Read More »

So You Had A C-Section…·March 12th, 2014

The number of women who have C-Sections has increased over the years, and we can only hope that their recovery post-C-Section is quick and painless!  Our products can help! Many new moms wonder which of our belly bands is better to use for their post C-Section Belly, so keep reading and the answer will be… Read More »

5 Ways to Creatively Document Your Pregnancy·February 28th, 2014

Pregnancy can have its ups and downs but all in all it is a wonderful thing. You are giving life to a human being- and that is definitely something worth documenting! You may find yourself struggling to come up with clever ways to record each milestone let alone have the time to be creative about… Read More »

Valentine’s Day with Baby!·February 14th, 2014

Hello lovelies! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today usually consists of fun, flowers, maybe a romantic dinner (and don’t forget CHOCOLATE) – but what happens when you are a new mommy or mom-to-be? No worries, we can help! For the Mom-To-Be Depending on where you are in pregnancy, Valentine’s Day can mean a nice romantic dinner where… Read More »

Postpartum Work Outs·December 5th, 2012

Postpartum mothers may feel a bit sluggish after going through nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. They want their pre-pregnancy bodies back and they know they need to be active to achieve their baby weight loss goals, but it’s understandably difficult to get motivated to get back in the gym, especially when pre-pregnancy workout… Read More »


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